Our spring summer bags are made with Ancient weaving tecniques. Our buckets have big capacity and great character. They are Ideal to carry your essentials Items while you walk around your dream summer location.

The interweaving of straw and its products, was in fact, developed in Florence, in particular in Signa. 

In the early eighteenth century the Bolognese Domenico Michelacci arrived in Signa where he introduced the cultivation, harvesting and processing of wheat for the exclusive use of the manufacture of straw products. While previously the straw destined for hats was a waste material from the processing of bread. To obtain a softer and thinner straw, Michelacci began to sow the wheat intensively, to then collect it before ripening, when it was still very fine.

The interweaving of straw and its products became the natural commercial sorting center for the finished product, to be exported all over the world directly from the Port of Livorno.