Fall Winter 2021


This collection wants to tell a journey, a journey that connects Western to Eastern culture. As if fashion were the means, the means of union of these two cultures. The meeting point is a "bag" in this case. An architectural bag, as I like to call it: “the Pagoda Bag”. Pagoda because it recalls lines and traits that refer to the architecture of the rising sun. The choice of laminates, gold accessories and funny colors such as pink and gold want to give a "DISCO" touch to the collection. I imagine girls and boys wearing these accessories on a fun Shanghai nights out. I introduced the Pouch_Clutch and the mini Necklace_Pagoda weighing these models as no_gender, projecting my mind into a very exclusive disco club where you never want to stop dancing. I am very attentive to social sustainability and I want to tell you about the craft work of Florentine artisans whom for years have contributed to the creation of each of my collections.

The models are: Pagoda, Mini Pagoda, Pagoda Necklace, Crown Clutch, Pouch Star Clutch, Beauty Bag Flash and Bucket Tower Flash.