UPCYCLING By Michele Chiocciolini


 Ever since he was a child Michele had a passion to play with textiles offcuts. But what we play with as child, often has surprising unfolds in the work field later on in life, especially in a period when upcycling and sustainable making are the only ways to fight against overproduction and its environmental impact. We therefore took the decision to have a direct to consumer approach. Discovering the highest quality second hand materials to tailor into a bespoke upcycle garments for our clients. We also propose to our clients the “rebirth of a garment” this is an other way to help reach the goal of circular fashion. If you have a garment that you are not wearing and you want to give it a new life, you can ship it to our address, Michele will personally take care of the customization listening to your needs and incorporating your and his personality in to the upcycled garment.  


Write to us below and we will be in contact with you shortly to explore your request.