About us

Michele e Francesca Chiocciolini



Michele Chiocciolini, Florentine doc, has always been in love with the beauty that surrounded him and searches it everywhere. Since an early age he had innate talent for drawing, that will later motivate him to pursuit architectural studies and to become a fashion designer soon after.

His curiosity  brought him to explore places and people in Italy and all around the world which has enriched his cultural baggage, and together with the advice of his sister Francesca, they create beautiful accessories and clothing unique in their shapes and colours.

The choice to produce his creations in Tuscany came natural because of the innate love for his land, for his desire to produce locally minimizing the environmental impact and maximising the positive social impact. He produces his creations in small artisanal ateliers with leather of exquisite quality. The materials came from dead stocks to avoid the consumption of new prime resources.

Recently he also added a made to order and bespoke service to discourage overproduction. Michele creates avoiding to follow slavishly the diktat of the fashion system and its seasonality, his creations are seasonless and timeless fulfilling our highest needs.

They work towards the goal of the circular  and sustainable economy, a need that Michele and Francesca feel deeply as they value social sustainability as a vital value to be in harmony with the beauty that surround us every day and everywhere. A search of beauty not an end in itself but aimed to conceive unique creations that can satisfy the ever increasing need of products with a noble soul.